For the first time, iconic boat manufacturer International Marine has factory-fitted a Mercury Diesel TDi engine into one of its boats – with spectacular results.

The three litre TDi 265hp V6 has been installed in a new Caribbean 24 Flybridge Sports Fisher for a very happy customer on New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula.

Richard Spooner, Managing Director of International Marine was on-board for the boat’s initial sea trials.

“The response that this TDi has is really amazing, really good,” he said.

“We’ve looked at diesels before but they’ve always been subject to lag. But this engine is very responsive. I’m very impressed.

“Out of the hole performance was fantastic, as was top end performance.”

During the trials the Caribbean 24 cruised at 3,000rpm, sitting on 23 knots and burning a measly 28 litres of diesel per hour.

A key feature of the Mercury Diesel TDi engines is the enormous increase in range they provide over petrol engines with similar performance, making them ideal for game fishermen of long-distance cruising.

Created with Volkswagen’s engineering excellence, TDi engines deliver high performance from a compact and lightweight platform while remaining quiet and frugal.

“The results with the TDI are very, very similar to the V8 petrol we normally have in this boat,” Richard said.

“Top speed was 34-35 knots but our fuel burn was right down to about 55-56 litres an hour. I’m very impressed.”

The boat was sold by Scott White of Caribbean Boats (NZ) in Hamilton.

“I see a great future for a diesel-powered sports fisher given the cost of petrol in New Zealand and its lack of availability at our marinas,” Scott said.

“For a heavy weather, flybridge boat that can be trailered, dry stacked or berthed, boasting a huge cockpit, full galley and dinette, accommodation for four, a through-hull toilet and a diesel engine this boat is possibly on its own in the current market.

“And that’s why it’s attracting huge interest.”


On Display

To satisfy that growing interest, Caribbean Boats (NZ) will have a TDi-powered Caribbean 24 Flybridge Sports Fisher on display at the Auckland On Water Boat Show from September 26-29

at the Viaduct Harbour marina.

To see the boat in action, visit



For more information, contact Scott White at Caribbean Boats (NZ) or 027 279 6664